Protecting your environment

At Viroclenz, we provide a range of environmentally friendly cleaning and electrostatic disinfection services and consumable products, each designed to ensure premises and fleets are kept as clean and safe as possible for staff members, customers and visitors.

Using dry steam cleaning technology and equipment, we deliver the highest level of premises cleaning and sanitisation possible, together with a consumer range of eco-conscious, non-toxic products, including surface disinfectants, hand sanitisers and detergents.

Commercial Green Cleaning

Our specialist Commercial Green Cleaning Solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt (HOCL water) is a natural cleaning force. It’s applied using a small electrical charge to every water molecule, which divides the saltwater into two highly versatile liquids, each with either a positive or negative charge. The treatments deodorise and sanitise all contact surfaces – whether hard, soft, or porous – penetrating cracks and difficult-to-reach areas without leaving a toxic residue. 

Electrostatic Sanitation Treatment

Viroclenz’s Electrostatic Sanitisation Treatment kills 99.9% of known viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus, and has ongoing surface protection properties. The naturally derived, cost effective solution is applied using a spray gun system which leaves behind a microscopic layer of virus killing protection that provides bacterial defence for up to 28 days. Effectively limiting the spread of germs, the system also reduces the need to clean as frequently. 

Cleaning technologies for the times

Working across all industry sectors, we offer greener cleaning solutions for every type of business and facility. Our state-of-the-art cleaning technologies eliminate known viruses and bacteria – including Coronavirus – from surfaces for up to 28 days; whilst our trained COVID-19 disinfection certified technicians perform electrostatic disinfection for positive and presumptive COVID-19 cases: quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Better cleaning services

We use multi-functional mineral cleaning and award-winning sanitiser products, in conjunction with dry steam technology and equipment, to ensure the highest possible cleaning and sanitisation results are achieved and maintained. Our commercial cleaning techniques are more environmentally sound too and involve fewer plastics as well as the use of non-hazardous chemicals.

Clean IT, spray IT, protect IT

We have the expertise to create cleaner, safer, indoor environments for us all to share. At Viroclenz, we take the time to listen to customers, understand their requirements and budget, then advise on the most appropriate cleaning solution to achieve the results they’re looking for. We can offer high level ongoing planned scheduled work, long term contracts, and deep and detailed cleans to suit any individual operation. We always provide:


Free quotations


Risk assessments & method statements


Uniformed, fully trained, reliable operatives


An efficient service that causes minimal disruption to working routines


A dedicated support team


DBS checked operatives


Individual company plans to meet specific requirements


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