Why ViroClenz?

Viroclenz solutions have been developed for high level disinfection of hard and soft surfaces, Equipment and air.

The solutions have been specifically designed for electrostatic spraying. Tested to the internationally recognised EN14476 Virucidal Efficacy test protocol, Viroclenz solutions are proven to kill 99.99% of enveloped viruses (

Survival Surface Pathogen

if steps are not taken and  if not proper disinfecting isn't conducted for months, this could be  causing your business  a continuous source of pathogens that can survive on surfaces like Norovirus (Stomach Flu) Hepatitis A Blood-borne viruses (HIV, Herpes) Rhinovirus (Common Cold).cloud leave you and business without staff and no profit

Safety Information

We at ViroClenz  have developed safe and trusted products and services so you can be rest assured we have your safety in hand.
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